River pang coursework

This also may lead o more erosion which makes the river become wider and deeper. This could be due to a number of factors, the most likely being that water was being taken out of the river for use at some point I the river between the two sites.

This shows that the river travels faster further away from the source. Pang Bourne is a residential area. Firstly you can use a protractor to draw lines at the correct angle from one measuring point to another. Also we analysed the shapes of the bed load. These assessments give achievement levels and targets for improvemnt.

I will use this to predict the effect of building a housing estate at Moor Copse, proving or disproving hypothesis 2. Loccal Area Walk project. Analysis of data Depth see graph 2 and 4 - the information I collected at site 1 and site 2 shows that the average depth increases by 0.

The main reason is the tributaries that connect with the river. There was a lot of arable land around site 1. You need to break up your river into short lengths which you can easily measure.

River Pang Coursework

Despite this problem, I think the results produced were accurate. The bar chart below shows mean cross-sectional area at five sampling sites along a stream. Make sure you mention the evidence from your results that backs up each conclusion.

The first site that we visited was quite dry and therefore we were unable to take any measurements. Clearly this increases the amount of water in the river and therefore the energy in the river is increased.

Simple yet strangely pretty; we ambled past the petite Beach Huts lined row on row and stood valiantly in the shadow of the great Naze Tower atop the highly valued Red Crag cliffs, until we were tired and hungry, and rested before having our lunch.

The river was shallower and thinner in width than Bradfield, but deeper and wider than Site 1 and 2. Natural means existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. Afterwards, we measured the velocity of the using a flowmeter. We are going to find many natural features because the river is very natural and there are various changes in speed as the river is flowing down.

Geography- River Pang Field work Focus

Many man-made features could be seen here, this was because the water flow in this area had been slowed down. Site 1 has the lowest cross-sectional area 0.

The land near Bucklebury Ford would also be very fertile as in times of flooding minerals from the river would be deposited onto the surrounding land, making it perfect for growing crops. The aim was to study the hydrological characteristics and how it changed downstream. Pick up your pole, walk to where your helper is standing.

Clinometers are measuring devices also known as an inclinometer, the essential function of the device is to determine accurate measurements as they relate to sloping, height and distance.

The content of the specification is divided into three main themes, each with three sub themes. Wetted perimeter does not increase much between 1. The third site that we visited was at Bradfield.

The water went up to our shins, but most of us had wellington boots.On Monday 13 June, all Year 10 Geographers visited the River Pang to complete GCSE fieldwork.

We had visited four sites along the river.

Geography Fieldwork

The first site that we visited was quite dry and therefore we were unable to take any measurements. River processes Collecting fieldwork evidence for clues about river erosion, deposition and transport FSC believes that the more we understand about and take inspiration from the world around us the more we can appreciate its needs and protect its diversity and beauty for future generations.

mint-body.com 3 GCSE GEOGRAPHY BEXEPAR C ANDIDATE WOR Fieldwork Focus Rivers title: How and why do natural features vary along the stretch of your chosen river/stream?

1. Introduction Hypothesis We know every river starts its journey from its source. In the upper course of the river, the channel is at a high above its. Office of Housing Operations & Residence Life.

Menu Expander Icon Office of Housing Operations & Residence Life Mission Statement Residential Rates and Facilities Apply for Housing First Year Live-On Exemption Guide to Residence Living Meet the Staff FAQ's Learning Communities. River pang is one of the tributaries of the River Thames.

Since the river doesn’t flow into a sea it should have a confluence not a mouth. So it doesn’t have a delta in its lower mint-body.com has a confluence at village of Pangbourne in Berkshire.

River pang coursework
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