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I also get why Rewrite turned out the way it did. Thus having a small number of pieces to choose from would make it seem repetitive rather quickly. The arbiter of the world who has lived through 9 different routes.

The pacing screws up a lot of its content that I honestly feel like the show could use more than a few passes on how the story should be executed. At least the voice acting is pretty good, which is to be expected considering the involvement of prolific voice actresses like Chiwa Saito, Eri Kitamura and Kana Hanazawa.

Rewrite deals with a lot of very heavy topics that need proper explanation as well as a nuanced discussion about the different sides and aspects, something the visual novel spent a great deal of time on.

Oh, and can we just mention the fact that Kagari showing up at the school in broad fucking daylight is a damn insult if you consider that there are supposed to be hundreds of people looking for her? Speaking of the characters: All rewrite animenz akb0048 that managed to match or even exceed the quality of their source material.

Guess which one Rewrite falls under. One of the points I really liked about the visual novel was its comedic writing, especially in comparison to other Key works, and while they generally did a poor job translating the humor, some of the jokes still got a chuckle out of me here and there.

I get not expecting too much out of the show, because there will never be that perfect adaptation which we all crave, that is a fact, but this is going too much into the opposite direction and makes me more than a little sad just thinking about it. Not as long as the same people are in charge of the project.

If I had to point out one thing Rewrite desperately needs, then I would go with transitional scenes.

I do consider myself a fan of the original visual novel and while I will mainly be looking at this show in regards to how it manages to stand on its own, I will also be addressing the issue of it completely failing from an adaptation stand point, as you could probably tell from the intro.

Just save yourself the time. But at least let me be disappointed.

It may be a joke that Rewrite needs a rewrite, but there are so many problems with it that it honestly could really use one. The anime never manages to create the feeling that something valuable has been lost here.

Like or hate her visual novel version, but it made sense in context, provided some good scenes and served the story just fine. As you can see, there is little point talking about the main female cast any further.

In the end, many people profited from it. Sure, I too am aware that she acted that way during Harvest festa! Did I like this anime? You know what could have saved this series? There may be a dramatic showdown between two characters that have history with one another that ends in a flash before moving onto the next scene.

To summarize, Rewrite follows the story of Tennouji Koutarou and his quest to save the earth by aiding the Key, named Kagari, in her quest to understand humanity and save the world from its attempt at restarting itself.

Since we have already talked at length about why Rewrite fails at telling its story, lets move on to its next big flaw: It seems like the director knew that wide shots are something that competent directors use, but not why. This is helped by the comedic timing being pretty decent most of the time.

At least the first few episodes were somewhat interesting, in the same way that watching two trains collide is interesting, but the later story arc is just so mediocre that it has little to no draw to it whatsoever, making it hard for me to believe that this was supposedly written by Romeo Tanaka.

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Rewrite is a blatantly cheap and lazy cash-in on the popularity of its brand name. The sound track works just fine in the context of the visual novel. Focusing exclusively on the last two routes of the game, Moon and Terra, this season of Rewrite fixes a large portion of the problems the first season had, but also has similar pitfalls and wavers in quality in different ways.

Okay, that might be a little harsh, but the point is that this is a lazy and unpolished product that looks like something that could have easily been produced several years ago. The biggest problem that stands out to me for Moon and Terra at the beginning is context and continuity.

Why are Gil and Pani in this?The original Rewrite visual novel takes place in Kazamatsuri, a fictional city where civilization and greenery co-exist. Within it, players. Watch Rewrite Episode 1 Online. Watch Rewrite Episode 1 both Dubbed and Subbed in HD.

Rewrite Episode 3 English Sub. Rewrite Episode 3 English Sub click the play button and enjoy the show. If the video is not working feel free to report it via "Report Broken Video" button below the video.

Other versions such as dubbed, other languages, etc.

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of Rewrite Episode 3 will appear. Hello, and welcome to Animenz Piano Sheets! In this channel, you will find all the piano covers for anime OST/Openings and Endings that I have created since.

Looking for information on the anime Rewrite? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Kazamatsuri, a modern, well-developed city renowned for its burgeoning greenery and rich Japanese culture, is home to Kotarou Tennouji, a high schooler least privy to the place's shared.

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