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Students should consult a STEM counselor in order to select the most comprehensive course plan for their personal transfer goals.


Career Planning To become a professional engineer it is necessary to complete pre-engineering curriculum, plus two years of engineering courses at an accredited college of engineering. The engineering job market maintains high entry level salaries for graduating engineers.

Creative Problem Solvers Fundamentally engineers are creative problems solvers who develop ways to use the materials and laws of nature to create products and services.

A number of students who enter St.

Degree in any area of engineering from Georgia Tech. Norbert College believe that the opportunity for personal attention in their basic science and math courses and the breadth of experience available in a liberal arts college are important in giving them a start toward a satisfying career in engineering.

Students looking to transfer to an out of state or private college should consult with a counselor for the appropriate GE pattern selection. How do we preserve and maintain a productive earth for our children and ourselves?

Courses that complete the Associate Degree in Pre-Engineering might not include all required or recommended courses for transfer into some impacted programs and specific branches of engineering.

Dual Degree In addition to the Georgia Tech pre-engineering requirements the Georgia College Dual degree requirements offer typical engineering requirements such as Statics and Dynamics.

Pre-Engineering Planning a Career in Engineering In the 21st century our world faces many challenges. Norbert College and major in physics, mathematics or chemistry, and then pursue graduate study in an engineering school. The choice of other science courses at St.

Just as important, engineering is a creative, challenging and exciting career with the professional reward of doing work that helps make the world a better place. These are all courses that can be taken at St. Norbert with the intention of transferring to an engineering school decide to stay here for all four years.

Students in pre-engineering are strongly advised to plan their courses in such a way that, should they retain their interest in science but decide not to transfer, they can complete a physics, mathematics or chemistry major at St. The three program requirements can be found at the following location.

Learning Outcomes Applying the principles of science and mathematics, engineers design and build systems, structures, and products that solve practical problems and meet human needs. Maintain an overall GPA of a 2.

Though the list is endless, the key people who will provide the answers are engineers. One major advantage of attending a small college is the possibility of close association with faculty and fellow students.

However, some students who want to enter the engineering profession also wish to obtain a foundation of liberal arts studies and gain other advantages of attending a small college with a strong sense of community. Norbert College and a student interested in engineering should take as many of them as possible.

How can we meet the needs of an increasing elderly population? What new technologies and products, and improved present technologies, will enrich our lives? Most critical in this respect are the calculus sequence and the calculus-based physics courses.

The required pre-engineering courses are offered in small class sections and are taught by dedicated faculty, helping to insure success in the pre-engineering curriculum.

Most students who enter engineering simply transfer to an engineering school after 1 to 3 years at St.The A.S.

A.S. in Pre-Engineering

Degree in Pre-Engineering includes core courses in mathematics and physics and provides students with a set of skills that prepares them for transfer into engineering programs at baccalaureate degree-granting institutions. Some two-year colleges offer an associate’s degree in pre-engineering that allows students to transfer to an accredited engineering school once their coursework is complete.

Another option is to attend a pre-engineering program at a four-year liberal arts college. Pre-engineering course requirements by major Students are encouraged to choose between a two- and three-year plan for your Pre-Engineering courses.

Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Consult your Academic Advisor if you are unsure of the best plan for your situation. Research what it costs to go to college for a Pre-Engineering program and find the most affordable schools in your area. Students who choose to study pre-engineering at St. Norbert College believe that the opportunity for personal attention in their basic science and math courses and the breadth of experience available in a liberal arts college are important in giving them a start toward a satisfying career in engineering.

Saint Paul College is a community and technical college in St. Paul, MN. Associate Degree, transfer, certificate programs.

Pre engineering stpaul college
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