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You also save on shredder machine purchases, repair and replacement! With our upgraded equipment, we can shred between 8, and 12, pounds of paper every hour. Smaller volumes of paper can be delivered to our office during business hours where your documents will be professionally destroyed so you can shred it at an affordable price.

We help companies establish a customized document shredding and recycling plan to fit their unique, specific needs without interference with day-to-day operations. This recycled paper can be used to manufacture other paper resources or items like Styrofoam.

Tuesdays between 11am — 2pm, Wednesdays between 11am — 2pm, Fridays between 2pm — 6pm and Saturdays between 8am — 12 Noon. Taking such paper materials to a paper shredding service in Houston is the best way of doing so, but are you curious about how such a service works?

Here are some of the other advantages of using our document shredding services: Our trusted staff will properly secure and utilize the shredding equipment. There are a variety of ways a business can implement environmentally-friendly practices.

We use stringent security procedures and employee screening to ensure that your confidential information will never get into the wrong hands. Our staff will make sure that your confidential information is protected during every step of the process, eliminating the risk of information leaks, identity theft or intellectual property theft.

This is far safer than sending your documents directly to the recycling plant, where no security measures exist to maintain your privacy.

Shredding Services Houston and Surrounding Areas: You can expect one, simple and consistent price. We offer on-site and off-site hard drive destruction. Read More Ready to purge some of your x-ray films? Data Shredding Services Date Published: Plus, the Economical Benefits for the Environment: Hard drives and discs containing outdated copies of this information will also need to be destroyed when hiring a shredding service.

Thess are documents that need to be destroyed, but how do you choose which paper shredding company in Houston is best for that destruction?

In our offsite shredding facility, your documents will be loaded onto a conveyor belt and promptly destroyed. Also all shredding is tracked with Barcode scanning and time stamp history to establish compliance patterns and provide utilization history to manage program. We are proud to offer paper and document shredding services to small-businesses and residential clients.

Data Shredding Service of Texas, Inc. We will work with your business to determine your document destruction requirements and help you to implement a thorough disposal plan. This helps to protect our environment and to conserve our natural resources for future generations.

Shredding Houston Documents

Are you looking for a paper shredding service in Houston? Vanish Document Shredding services Houston surpasses the industry with experience and shredding of all documents and media since If your documents are highly sensitive, we will also offer lockable containers for you to take to your office, pack with said sensitive documents, and return them to us for shredding.

Protect your confidential documents with the most secure, well trained and responsive on-site shredding service available.

Shredding Houston

Regardless of which destruction method you choose for shredding your materials, Data Shredding Services Houston provides the highest security standards in the industry. Our full range of services includes: By shredding and then recycling the bulk of your documents, your company is reducing the overall damage the paper production industry causes.

We help businesses and consumers properly safeguard private information, maintain legislative compliance and protect their public image. Security and service is our business.

Secure Disposal and Storage

Shredding Your Unwanted Documents Since ! Producing paper has expensive side-costs in addition to the toll it plays in deforestation. Reduce the Need for Excessive Deforestation: By contracting with a third party to complete the task, you can free up time that your employees would normally spend shredding, allowing them to do more productive work, and you also create a paper trail of the document destruction process, should it be needed later for an official inquiry or for legal proceedings.

Because we have the fastest and most advanced shredding equipment on our shredding trucks, we are able to quickly, efficiently and securely destroy your documents and shred it right at your location.

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Mobile on-site shredding at your location Off-site shredding at our location with scheduled pickups File boxes, document purges and clean-out services Scheduled shredding services on a one-time or recurring basis Residential shredding services Product destruction and disposal Off-site, safe and secure document storage All our services are performed by fully trained staff that have received a thorough background check and appropriate certifications.

For each ton of paper recycled, we are saving 17 trees, 7, gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and over kilowatts of electricity, while reducing air pollution by over 60 pounds.Data Shredding Services Houston has provided document shredding to commercial and residential clients since We specialize in the secure destruction of confidential information of all types including on-site mobile, off-site, paper, product, and hard drive destruction in Houston.

Free Document Shredding Services – Location. Pull up to the property. Drive through the gate. Pull up to the loading dock which is located on the left side of the building. Our Houston location offers a several different paper shredding services, ranging from basic off-site shredding to mobile shredding or even document will work with your business to determine your document destruction requirements and help you to implement a thorough disposal plan.

Vanish Document Shredding is dedicated to the highest level of security shredding standards for Houston document and media destruction shredding services. Vanish Document Shredding services Houston surpasses the industry with experience and shredding of all documents and media since % of our shredded paper is recycled.

Ask us about implementing a recycling program at your office. PROSHRED ® Houston - Paper Shredding. PROSHRED® Houston is a local family owned world leader in onsite document shredding including destruction of mix-media, hard drives, and anything of a proprietary nature.

Paper shredding houston
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