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They are also trained for emergency and unexpected situations such as problem customers and how to deal with them.

Pakistan International Airlines faces competition with not only international airlines but also with local airlines on the various routes to the Middle East and the Gulf. Then you will be transferred to a test or series of tests designed to find out if your knowledge of English as good as you claim.

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The main objective of Pakistan International Airlines is to provide better service to retain its customers and hence increase its profitability. Similarly, the environment of PIA where customers are constantly taken care of by providing the best available service keeping in mind their individual needs.

In case you want to get an extra source of income in addition to your day job, you can work for a few hours a day, or whenever you have the time or when the inspiration hits you.

PIA operates in two major markets; Domestic and International. The freedom of freelance writer jobs starts when you get to choose your own work schedule. It has also kept in mind these groups income level so that every group could be individually satisfied with their expected service.

After you finish filling in the form, attach your writing samples — choose pieces of written works that you believe reflect your writing style. For example there is business class arrangement for business travelers.

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This objective is reflected in all the goals of the various departments of Pakistan International Airlines. Only then it can counter the increasing competition. Similarly there are also economy class and first class for middle income and higher income level respectively.

The PIA name plays a very vital role in establishing its brand equity and developing its image in the international world. While the company is the one who decides whether to hire you or not, you need to make several important decisions as well.

Although anyone can become a freelance writer, freelance writing jobs in Pakistan still have a fair selection process. These authorized agents are selected by Pakistan International Airlines if they fulfill a certain criteria.

It weaknesses include high fares, centralized decision making and ageing fleet. At first glance becoming a freelance online writer seems like an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Here Pakistan International Airlines differentiates itself by providing direct flights to distant areas, where other airlines are unable to stretch their network due to high cost. In the domestic sector, it has out performed itself by stretching its networks to areas where other airlines do not fly to.

Introduction The transportation sector holds a very important position in the economy of Pakistan. PIA is one of the leading airlines in the airline industry. It not only provides transportation services, but its operations extend to providing cargo services and courier services also.

It is still successful mainly because people face language problem, and they perceive that PIA being a local company would provide Halal food only.

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Online essay writing jobs in pakistan international airlines
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