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Individual qualifications of tutors may or may not be sufficient to guarantee adequate academic support in a given tutorial session. Technology learning curve Students may need assistance in using the NetTutor interface There is a Customer Request link on the main NetTutor web pages; also, LSI has developed multiple technologies and hosting platforms and these have been tested for user-friendliness in various learning environments.

The idea is to help students develop the answers on their own. Online tutoring concern Comment regarding adequacy of response Tutor academic qualifications Tutors may not be qualified to discuss questions learners ask.

Learners acquire access to NetTutor either by direct purchase of tutoring time from the NetTutor website [15] purchase of a textbook which has NetTutor support package with it from a publisher, or enrollment in a school or specific courses in a school which has chosen NetTutor as the vendor for either a limited or unlimited amount of tutoring for its students.

Better Grades Guaranteed.

Learner frustration with asynchronous tutoring Learner may use a non-live, asynchronous tutoring mode, expecting the "answer" in return. Tutor online communication skills Online tutors need excellent and verifiable pedagogical and communication skills.

Internal qualifying exams, academic requirements, and a percentage of the tutoring staff hold doctorates in the areas they tutor. NetTutor seems consistent in leaving this up to the teacher. Learners may submit their writing or questions for tutor review, or may choose an available live tutor and engage synchronous discussion.

It seems inefficient to be asked about one is having difficulties, rather than being told what the answer is.

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LSI claims that NetTutor answers each concern, as shown. Ongoing tutor training is conducted face-to-face and monitoring is constant, since all tutors work on the LSI premises. This differentiates NetTutor sharply from sites such as Student of Fortunethe founder of Net tutor describes academic dishonesty in online tutoring as "something that is definitely going to happen.

This mode of access opens NetTutor to several criticisms, such as the accusation that tutors have an interest in exhausting the tutoring hours paid for, in order to get them to purchase more, or, on the other hand, that the tutor may rush the tutorial session by providing an answer to do more sessions and enable the learner to engage in academic dishonesty.

In addition to providing for the free placement of text on the screen, the whiteboard is equipped with a toolbar for inserting math, chemistry, accounting, or English proofing symbols. Learners need to be clear on what type of help they will receive; it may be up to educators or parents to assist with this.

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In addition, LSI agrees upon detailed tutoring guidelines with representatives of its institutional clients. NetTutor assistance is of the "academic-assistance" [17] type. Research on the NetTutor interface[ edit ] Early research into NetTutor was conducted by educators eager to employ technology in their own teaching.

Conversations take place in a shared virtual whiteboard environment. Learners may save or print out their live tutorial sessions, but live tutoring is exclusively one-on-one, so that the possible benefits of a discussion involving a group of peers see, for instance, Jacques, et al.

The main issues are shown in the table below, with an explanation of each.

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It can be seen that, even with these policies, there may be extensive due-diligence requirements, the responsibility for which may fall on the user of the service. The NetTutor service is typically integrated into an existing virtual learning environment such as a publisher Web portal, a learning management system like Blackboard[16] Moodleor Sakaior else into a specific campus tutoring website requiring the student to enter special access codes.

Net tutor claims to have elaborate tutor vetting and training programs. A Handbook for on and off line environments are not directly available.

Specific guidelines are drawn up and shared with users; tutors are bound by these guidelines, and one requirement is that tutors assist learners rather than dispense answers. Access to NetTutor, for instance, has been packaged with certain McGraw-Hill [5] math, science, and accounting books since approximately A study at Hampton University in concluded that NetTutor could effectively support such activities as online office hours.

Consequently, it focuses on technical issues such as usability and robustness, but also on the ability of participants to express themselves in effective online discussion of specialized subjects, especially mathematics.

This needs to be a two-sided process; that is, educators must be able to criticize and revise guidelines to insure relevance to a specific topic or learning situation.NetTutor tutors are available for live sessions, to answer submitted questions, and to review papers any day of the week.

Online tutoring services can be accessed anywhere. If accessing NetTutor for the first time you must complete each step below.

Despite the reviews, I attempted to try net tutor. Unfortunately it was a waste of time. Good idea in theory, but clearly it is in need of some major improvements to be successful. Someone should read through the reviews and get together to collaborate on how to improve your services/5(24).

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After the lesson is completed, both the tutor and student have the opportunity to rate each other, maintaining the quality of our community.

NetTutor is a Web-based online tutoring service. Net Tutor was the firm's first product and went live later that year. LSI began to lease the technology supporting NetTutor (also under the NetTutor name) in the following year. Textbook publishers.

Net tutor
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