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This was done both through administrative action and through arguments presented before the Board. The Office of Discrimination and Harassment ODH provides numerous training opportunities that are tailored to our different employee groups. This course will be provided solely through the online module which can be found at: However, non-exempt and classified employees are required to take the training during their normal working hours.

Finally, the third training requirement is Performance Management. Every new faculty and staff member and new student already receives a copy of the sexual harassment prevention policy in their handbook when they come to campus and when they access to this online program.

Circuit and the Mandatory memo Court respectively.

You may also contact OED at The site was designed by New Media Learning LLC, a company that develops similar sites for private industry, institutions of higher Mandatory memo and government entities.

The second required course is Discrimination and Harassment. Hortonin which the Board found that requiring employees to waive their rights to bring class claims in wage and hour and other lawsuits and to arbitrate rather than litigate in court, which are before the Mandatory memo.

As recommended by our program review, this is another step in making more information available to our faculty and staff through the Office of Human Resources web page. Cases In Which Policies in Employee Handbooks Were Found to Interfere With Section 7 Rights — The Mandatory Submissions Memo indicates the General Counsel will likely be asking the Board to reexamine a broad range of holdings in which policies and conduct standards contained in handbooks and work rules were found to interfere with employees Section 7 rights, in many cases in non-union workplaces.

A certificate of completion may be printed for their personal records. September 6, Re: You can attend any of the ODH workshops to fulfill this requirement. Office of Human Resources Date: Karen Davis, Director of Human Resources or Judy Harrison, Assistant of Human Resources is available upon request to makes rounds to the deans and departments to talk about the training program.

Wed, 10 Jan This training is mandatory for all full-time faculty and staff and must be completed by December 7, The Mandatory Submissions Memo also identifies each of the following as issues that must be submitted to Advice: For additional information and background regarding this mandatory training, you may access the question and answer document on the HR website in the -Supervisors and Liaisons- section.

These include cases like Browning-Ferristhe case in which the Board adopted a new and looser test for determining whether companies are joint employers, and Murphy Oil and D.

The online training allows individuals to move through the program at their own pace.

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Successful Supervision in the Classified System: In other words, Advice and the General Counsel may develop and pursue different legal theories and seek different outcomes and interpretations of the Act in such cases.

You have fulfilled this requirement if you have attended a site based performance management workshop since February 1, The program will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and may be interrupted and bookmarked if necessary and resumed at a later time on that same computer.

These matters too will be subject to review by Advice under the Mandatory Submissions Memo. To reiterate the mandatory training requirement, you must complete three courses.

Follow-up letters will be sent to Appointing Authorities to let them know which employees have not completed the required training within their respective areas.

As a supervisor of one or more employees in the state classified system, you will be required to complete the training by February 15,or within 90 days of assuming supervisory responsibilities.The Mandatory Submissions Memo identifies a broad swath of recent Board precedents and topics that must be submitted to Advice, where there is a good chance the new General Counsel will ask the Board to return to pre-Obama Board interpretations of the Act and practices.

Mandatory Training Schedule UH System Administrative Memorandum A Staff Performance Appraisals, and SAM A Revised 9/ MANDATORY TRAINING SCHEDULE minors are conducted in a manner that is as safe as Microsoft Word - Mandatory Training Schedule_Septdocx.

This e-memo is sent as a reminder to all supervisors of classified staff about the February 15, deadline to complete the mandatory training which was announced by Chancellor Peterson on September 8, To reiterate the mandatory training requirement, you must complete three courses.

Deadline Reminder: Mandatory Training for Supervisors of

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Mandatory memo
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