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How do their views of Christianity contrast with hers? Helen believes that death will bring the end of worldly suffering and deliver her home to God. Of course, there are many possible ways to address this question.

What is the significance of ending "Jane Eyre" with the letter from St. There is probably no single line in the whole of Jane Eyre that has, in itself, attracted as much critical attention as the first line of the last chapter: Why does Jane choose Rochester over St.

Throughout there is masculine power, breadth and shrewdness, combined with masculine hardness, coarseness, and freedom of expression. Does this balance change from the beginning of the marriage to the time ten years later that Jane describes at the end of the novel p.

Jane has learned to control her inner passion and now appears quiet and subdued to others. And what right would that ruin have to bid a budding woodbine cover its decay with freshness?

Is there a genuine difference of tone and purpose between the two sections as they have been described? Reed, Miss Maria Temple, Mrs. Helen tells Jane that Mr.

About her inner self? Jane asserts her equality to Rochester p. Some names to consider include: From the vision Jane sees when locked in the bedroom at Gateshead to her hearing the "goblin laughter" she attributes to Grace Poole, to the insanity and wretchedness of Bertha Mason, madness is of central importance to the plot and direction of the story.

What are we intended to conclude about the meaning of this experience?

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From the church-supported school she attended that was run by Mr. John, she is surrounded by aspects of Christianity. As a result, she does not fear her impending death. Does the reader feel sorry for Bertha Mason? This raises a troubling question: Does she seem as bad as he suggests?

So when they are finally married, it is on a more equal footing. What changes are made at Lowood after the typhoid epidemic? Some critics and readers have suggested that the first part of Jane Eyre is more arresting because it is more directly autobiographical.

What do you think of their beliefs and practices?Sample Essay Outlines Quiz Answers. Jane is Mrs.

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Reed’s niece and a cousin to John, Eliza, and Georgiana. Jane Eyre Homework Help Questions. Need students to write about Jane Eyre? We've got discussion and essay questions designed by master teachers. Readers’ questions about Jane Eyre. 48 questions answered. These discussion questions for "Jane Eyre" will give you something to talk about in class and in a study group, or to spark essay topics.

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1. In what ways is Jane Eyre influenced by the tradition of the Gothic novel?

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What do the Gothic elements contribute to the novel? The Gothic tradition utilizes elements such as. Our Reading Guide for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte includes a Book Club Discussion Guide, Book Review, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.

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Jane eyre essay questions answers
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