I should have listened to my mother advice

Like crumbling statues, they fell while Spencer and Longshanks went upstairs to crack the vault.

20 Things My Mom Was Right About

They watched out for me and told me of the people they liked me hanging out with and those they did not care for me to hang out with. I had a friend in my life at the age of eight that I trusted, if that is what an eight year old child would think of as friendship.

Once I tried leaving my house in a short skirt and a shirt that showed my stomach… my mom told me to change, and I threw a hissy fit. I long for Jesus Christ and in knowing where I stand with Him. Hell, he even brought some satchel charges for the vault.

I Should’ve Listened To My Mom When She Warned Me About You

Do you know what awaits you when you die? We plead with you Remaining cool, calm, and collected takes class. How could this happen? So was his family, who had at one time opened their hearts and lives to me.

Shoulda' Listened Lyrics

The only way you can get that is through Christ. What else could I do? He was a bad influence…. Of course I accepted at once.

Remember, Jesus Christ is always there not matter what!! They were always inviting me to hang out with them and they were entertaining with their antics and jokes. My neat-freak dad would nearly have a heart attack when he saw my backpack filled with scattered papers, and not a folder or binder in sight.

We shared some exciting moments together. Eventually, I yielded and accepted their friendships and signed up to their little gang. I can imagine that our parents miss those days immensely. Waiting allows you to mature so you can actually make the correct decisions.

All He has ever wanted for you and for me is the happiness. I was 15 years old! When I was 15, I dated a guy that was 3 years older may as well have been 10 years older in high school terms. Michelle If only I had listened to my parents.

I was making great money.

Listen to your mother! Grown-up kids recall mom's best advice

Smart shopping at its finest? Men with degrees, men with more money than they knew what to do with. I resorted to spending the rest of my life committing burglaries, pick-pocketing wallets, and robberies in dark alleyways.

Now, we had to escape the area without attracting any police attention. Those were some harsh consequences to have to face at eight years old for not listening.

God will fight my battles for me. I was lying on the road, gazing at the cloudless serene sky. That void will never be filled unless you give it to Him. We rushed into the bank with our assault rifles, firing at the armed security guards.Yeah / I should have stopped, looked and listened before I proceeded / But caution I.

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top · top new So I ignored their advice and I tried to disguise pain from you and all the things you did Shoulda prayed but instead I strayed Shoulda gone a different way Shoulda listened to my mother When she said that you were no good for me.

I didn't have a problem with this. All we had to do was go through the forest directly behind my house to get there. It wasn't a far walk, and we wouldn't be. Whenever my brothers and I got into a bind, Mom would always say remember the three Rs: Have Respect for yourself, Respect for others and take Responsibility for all your actions.

This is what I now preach to my kids.

4 Crucial Pieces of Advice From My Parents That I Should Have Listened To

4 Crucial Pieces of Advice From My Parents That I Should Have Listened To. By Sara Uzer, March 10th Comment; This is my mom’s all-time favorite phrase, and my sisters and I have always mocked her for it. 4 Crucial Pieces of Advice From My Parents That I Should Have Listened To is cataloged in 20 Somethings, Listen To.

I should’ve listened to my mom when she warned me about you because mothers just know. A mother knows from the way a guy looks at her daughter if he is going to cherish her or if he is going to break her heart.

Since then, I have realized that the maternal insight is nothing to be taken lightly. Each heart-to-heart and every piece of advice comes from a special place in a mom's heart, making it more meaningful than anyone else's.

There are three simple reasons why I will always, always, always listen to my mom. 1. She wants what is best for me.

I should have listened to my mother advice
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