Ford pinto case study applied ethics

Ford Pinto Case

If not, why not? In this case, the United States had a load of flour aboard a barge, the Anna C. The majority of small cars available would have also failed the test. In addition to the two higher profile cases, Ford faced over lawsuits related to the rear-end accidents in the Pinto.

For starters, while calculating the benefits, Ford claimed that the incidence of burn injuries would equal the incidence of burn deaths. However, modern technologies used incorrectly can cause harm.

Ford lobbied to delay this legislation and succeeded in delaying it for two years. Ultimately, the Pinto memo instigated the debate over the assignment of a dollar value to the human life.

Shifting to Small Cars? The Ford Pinto Fuel Tanks. The ford pinto case: If the probability of a loss multiplied by the magnitude of the loss is higher than the cost required to prevent the loss, one is required to take the necessary actions to prevent the loss. In actuality, the memo was prepared for NHTSA crash investigations and used as a resource for other American car companies.

Did the Ford engineers involved in designing and testing the Pinto, who were aware of the problems associated with the placement of the gas tank behind the rear axle, fail to meet their ethical responsibilities by not taking steps to bring these problems to the attention of the public?

While the controversy behind the use of the value of human life in risk-benefit analysis still persists, it has become not only a common practice but an expected practice. Ford managers voted to delay a fix for new models until it was legally required.

Ethical Take Away[ edit ] All career fields have a common rule emphasizing public safety. This inflation of the unit cost consequently inflated the total cost of the risks. The Ford Pinto Myth?

However, Ford did also mandate a number of modifications for each recalled vehicle, including inserting a protective shield between the fuel tank and the differential bolts, and a new fuel-tank that was more resistant to breaking during a rear-end collision [22].

For instance, Goodyear proposed a rubber bladder that would completely encase the fuel tank, preventing leakage in the event of a fuel tank rupture. An internal memorandum written in recommended that Ford should wait to do this until when the government was expected to introduce fuel tank standards none existed in Notes Case study from the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl.

American Law and Economics Review. When this practice was revealed, the American public was shocked by its morbid nature. As a result, these workers were several times more likely to die from various forms of cancer.

However, the NHTSA initially decided that there was not enough evidence to actually launch an investigation [18]. Are some lives worth more than others?

The judge ruled against admissibility, a fact not openly publicized by the media. Analogous Cases[ edit ] The calculus of negligence, established by the United States v. Immediately after the accident, federal safety officials pledged to take steps to prevent future construction accidents.

Additionally, Ford received flak for their low value of the human life. Although the charges were dropped, this was the first time ever that a company faced criminal charges in a product liability case.

Is the college graduate worth more than the high school drop-out? The court ruled that Connors Marine Company was responsible in part, due to their absent barge attendant, who should have been on the Anna C.

In the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration claimed that a safety defect existed in Pintos manufactured from to These included pressure from automotive safety groups such as the Center for Auto Safety, as well as the growing public outcry [20].

In a perfect world, risk analysis and calculus of negligence would not exist. At the time, several third-party companies had proposed quick and cheap fixes to Ford.

Professionalism/The Ford Pinto Gas Tank Controversy

This case could have avoided many calamities if the engineers held themselves this code. The Ford Pinto Case. In reality, experts say that the ratio between burn injuries to burn deaths would be a much larger Recall Asked of a Million Ford Autos: The test had multiple parameters set to maximize the damage and potential for fire.Ford Pinto Case: Publication Type: Case Study: Year of Publication: Authors: Between and plaintiffs brought about 50 lawsuits against Ford in connection with Pinto rear end the Ford engineers involved in designing and testing the Pinto, who were aware of the problems associated with the placement of the gas.

case study report on ford company who made a car named as pinto. the presentation tells the summary of design issue and the flaws in the car and ethical issues. The Ford Pinto Case A Study in Applied Ethics, Business, and Technology.

The Ford Pinto Case: A Study in Applied Ethics, Business, and Technology This book brings together the basic documents needed for reaching an informed judgment on the central ethical question in the Pinto case: did Ford Motor Company act ethically in designing the Pinto fuel system and in deciding not to upgrade the integrity of that Price: $ The decades since the Pinto case have allowed us to dissect Ford’s decision-making process and apply the latest behavioral ethics theory.

The Ford Pinto is constantly brought up as an example of poor business ethics. However, later studies have made the claim that the case was a misunderstanding.

In regards to the Pinto memo, the public was led to believe that this was an internal Ford document.

Ford pinto case study applied ethics
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