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It was almost first invention when came to know about fire and wheel. My youngest brother though was very fortunate. These industries cannot afford to have research facilities of their own, as the larger producers can. It was not possible to have all the benefits of it without implementing it in the sectors like medicines, education, infrastructure, electricity, aviation, information technology and other field.

After being diagnosed with AIDS in latethere was enough technology to help slow the process of the disease.

If carefully analysed, one gets to understand that countries which have a strong base in science and technology are the ones that developed faster.

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Mechanical Engineering and 9. In order to enhance the economy and betterment of the people of any nation, up-to-date knowledge, technology, science, and engineering are the fundamental requisites.

Development of Science and Technology

Evolution of science and technology has found application in every aspect of our existence and is making mind-boggling progress every passing second.

September 13, By Prakash Science and Technology is the basis of modern civilization.

Essay on Scientific and Technological Development in India (Free to read)

It is now playing a leading role in the fulfillment of the technology missions evolved by the Government. Modem science in India has been awakened by the continuous and hard efforts of the outstanding scientists.

Already driverless cars will transform the automobile industry. It is science and technology which helps other weak countries to develop and be strong. Knowledge has become a source of economic might and power.

This expansion has occurred through the expansion of science and technology over the years passed and will be more in the coming years. The ongoing globalization and the intensely competitive environment have a significant impact on the production and service sectors.

India is a most famous country all over the world from the ancient time however after its slavery by the British rule, it had lost its recognition and strength. DOS is also the nodal agency for the Physical Research Laboratoty which conducts research in the areas of space science, and the National Remote Sensing Agency which deploys modern remote sensing techniques for natural resource surveys and provides operational services to user agencies.

Tesla chief Elon Musk has already made battery operated cars a fashion statement, and this non-fossil fuel automobile revolution is the most intermittent one for the world. Thus, we see that India has made unprecedented development in the field of scientific research and technology during the post-independence period and this just seems to be the beginning of a road with endless possibilities.

A few decades ago, these countries were known to have poor policies, low discipline and no advancement and then with the introduction of science and technology in an effective manner, they have made ripples across the globe.Development is required in every individual to every nation in all aspects and for development to happen, science and technology go hand in hand.

Basically science is known as the study of knowledge, which is made into a system and depends on analysing and understanding facts. The Department of Science & Technology plays a pivotal role in promotion of science & technology in the country. The department has wide ranging activities ranging from promoting high end basic research and development of cutting edge technologies on one hand to service the technological requirements of the common man through.

Essay on Development of Science and Technology Free words essay on Development of Science and Technology for school and college students. Since the advent of civilization, it is an augmentation in science and technology that has been the yardstick of development.

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Free sample essay on Scientific and Technological Development in India (Free to read). The modern age is the age of science, technology, knowledge and information.

The modern age is the age of science, technology, knowledge and information. Short essay on Science and Technology Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On September 13, By Prakash Science and Technology is the basis of. Technology is the application of all sciences. Science and technology studies (STS) is a growing field of study in the United States and around the world that seeks to understand how science and technology shape human lives and livelihoods and how society and culture, in turn, shape the development of science and technology.

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Essay on development of science and technology
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