English language communication skills lab

There is an LCD TV which facilitates the learners with the opportunity to study the audio-visual articulation of native speakers and internalize the essentials of speaking globally competitive English.

The guidance given to analyse an audio further helps them to develop a knack for interpreting and understanding what is being said. The real-time video conferencing facility further enhances the confidence of the learner. It is anticipated that they are then inspired to shed their inhibition towards the language and use it frequently.

Communication Skills Lab

And this also improves our communication skills which is very important in these days. With kind of pedagogical and technological innovations at English language communication skills lab disposal, we endeavor to surpass the expectations in executions.

There is a 42 inch LCD screen which acts as video wall and facilitates the interactive learning. Learners have to be taught to interweave vocabulary, language structures and context appropriately to make sense.

The programs are developed according to Customer specific requirements. The teachers are provided with information on both formative and summative assessments. These are useful in many ways like interviews and in seminars.

Station-e will keep language lab on Observation Mode for one year to ensure hassle-free transition and flawless functioning of the entire operational mould.

By giving the work like this project works we can improve our thinking power and this is also a useful thing for us which helps in improving our knowledge more. Moreover, this interactive process dramatically speeds up the learning without compromising quality and standards.

Improve Your Business Communication

Our Innovations Technology — First ever integration of the avant-garde technologically sound 4th generation digital language lab with studio installations capable of hi-tech operations like sound- video editing for the generation of guided and customized audio-visual training aids, video simulations, video conferencing etc.

Suggestions about how to integrate the teaching and practice of these two skills in the regular classes are given to the English teachers, while also making them familiar with the objectives and the formats of the assessments.

Lab Establishments

It is due to this reason that one sees the omnipotence of English as the taught language throughout the country.

They are well-trained to attend to trainees of all age groups and classes. With the learners coming with varies needs, this is no mean a challenge for the teacher.

Our Quality Commitment We have been untiringly striving to achieve excellence in everything we do. SDC will serve as the common platform for the various departments of the Institute to channelize their students into the direction of proper career building and skills development.

This has a tremendous impact on fluency and accuracy while speaking in English. To render its functioning smooth and efficient, one Faculty and Technical Assistant will need to be appointed by the Institute.

Oréll Digital Language Lab (ODLL)

A computer-based console is provided for recording the voice and pronunciation patterns of the students which can be accessed by the trainer as well as each one of the learners. To ensure absolute accomplishments of the objective and flawless execution, we devise programmes keeping in view the macro and micro aspects.

A vast pull of professionals with sound communication skills will be required in this changing global scenario. With this environment missing for most learners, the ability to communicate in the target language gets hampered. Station-e develops exclusive learning programs for its corporate clients.

It can be used for conducting various activity based programmes for generating surprising results as it allows various dynamics for activity based trainings. This potent infrastructure synergizes with innovative teaching methodologies with a highly qualified trained human resources along with meticulously customized course panned on micro and macro level tailor made for diverse requirements of the market place.

However, very idea that language lab is meant for teaching language and pronunciation is narrow and limited. A language lab can be utilized as potent audio visual tool for conducting various trainings if it is used to its best effect.

The learners will have to be consciously taught the skill of looking for hints to interpret and deduce meaning of the context to enhance their listening skills.

The learners are put in to reproduction activities to analyze where their Mother Tongue Influence hinders the acquisition of Accent Neutralization. We emphasize on activity based training to ensure that the learners get time to practically imbibe the content imparted. We devise customized training modules keeping in view the macro and micro aspects.

The acuteness of this issue can be well imagined with the majority of learners coming from non-English speaking environments. Recognizing this fact Station-e language lab has been designed for multi-level functions suiting various training programmes Station-e offers. The regular and deliberate teaching of listening and speaking skills, instil confidence in learners.

The Faculty believes its prime driver for success in all these areas should emanate from targeted research that attracts highly qualified faculty and graduate students, and enhances the attractiveness and quality of the undergraduate program.

This situation led to an innovation which is popularly known as language laboratory. Learning does not have to be a pressure.

Each programme is tailored to the needs of the participants and is built on four core elements i. As already implied, many learners- sometimes entire batches of learners need assistance with speaking and listening for the English language.

Not only that the learner perform in each session, we insist that all the performances happen on stage in front of the co-learners to see that public speaking fear of the learners is given a required treatment.Improve Your English Communication Skills from Georgia Institute of Technology.

This Specialization helps you improve your professional communication in English for successful business interactions. During course lessons and Peer Assessments you will practice and expand the language skills necessary for su more. You can choose to. Welcome to Daily ESL!

One of the best ways to improve communication skills is to become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations. The Language Lab blog has been recognized as one of the top business communication blogs for by business first mint-body.com and one of the top 30 communication blogs by Feedspot.

English by providing an opportunity for practice in speaking To improve the fluency in spoken English and neutralize mother tongue influence To train students to use language appropriately for interviews, group discussion and ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB.

Syllabus of JNTU Bachelor of Technology (BTech Common Syllabus) - HS - English Language Communication skills Lab Effective Batch The Language Lab focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarises the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts.

The Need for a Language Laboratory. It is required of any learner to have a good command of the language for communication purposes, with clarity and accuracy being vital for effective and.

English language communication skills lab
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