Different types of boyfriends essay

Extremely possessive when it comes to his girlfriend If you compulsively feel the need to flirt with your waitress, text multiple people at once, and hit the bars in search of attention, you may be the flirt. His ego will be his main focus He feeds off the pain of others and will be an emotional bully, constantly making sly digs at your every move.

Another fact of his mentality is that he would not support his girlfriend to have a career. He is socially involved in different kinds of activities. He will have a wall up for the outside world but on the inside he is crumbling. May 11, A happy couple Source: On the opposite side is the active type of boyfriend.

While this sounds good on paper, it can be the case that The Reasonable Boyfriend is not as emotionally available as the others in this list. He also expects that she can cook and that she is willing to take care of the household while he is providing the income.

First, there is the passive type of boyfriend. He is fascinated with sports and he has different types of hobbies. He plays baskettball in league and goes out every weekend. However, the Jerk Boyfriend is unique here because he maintains an impression of himself so grand and one-sided that it can not be said to reflect reality except by his friends, who are either at the same level of delusion as him or are simply his Yes Men.

Any hard alcohol, which is had in excess upon each instance of feeling completely abandoned by his partner Favorite website: Others in this list are apt to love hard; to love in a blind and non-strategic and all-or-nothing way; to not be aware of the future and what it might hold and as such fall intensely and recklessly and without precedent.

Rein in your desire for attention, and seek love and affection from your partner instead. An online poker site, Yahoo! He expects her to be fully committed to him. The Flaccid Boyfriend is most likely seen engaging in a number of the following behaviors: He develops certain habits and is not able to adapt to new things easy.

Different Types of Boyfriends There Are

While we are datin others, we may experience different types of boyfriends. Get to the root of the problem, and then take steps to rein yourself in a bit.While we are datin others, we may experience different types of boyfriends.

Based on certain characteristics, an excessiv type of boyfriend can be passiv, energetic or prejudiced. First, there is the passive type of boyfriend.3/5(3).

The 5 Types of Boyfriends: Which Are You?

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The Different Types Of Boyfriends You Can Have The Jealous Boyfriend The jealous boyfriend will absolutely lose his shit at even the thought of you talking to his best friend while making a cup of tea in one room while he's stuck in another.

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Different types of boyfriends essay
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