Customer satisfaction and expectation in hotel

Never settle for just being okay. It is important to your guests that their concern is met with the appropriate response. In Dubai, a major destination for European vacationers, there is a seven-star hotel.

Whatever your belief, serving others comes from a respect for the individual and it is the foundation for any hotel that expects customers to stay and enjoy. All employees should be trained to take action if they observe something that needs to be cleaned.

So from the top of the hotel to the bottom, all employees must treat guests with respect. It may seem obvious that this would be at the top of the list. Simple, direct statements acknowledging a return guest are the best rewards.

He has rated hospitality establishments for various guides and trained AAA inspectors. Acknowledging a concern, empathizing, and explaining what you can do to resolve it will reassure most guests. A welcoming smile and a cheery greeting from each employee a guest encounters goes a long way to show your hotel cares about the guests.

Why make things simple when you can make them complicated? You cannot afford to have employees with the attitude that ensuring a clean hotel is only the job of the housekeeping supervisor.

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Not only should the room the guest stays in be thoroughly cleaned, but the front desk, lobby area, and hallways leading to their room should be just as clean. It is giving guest respect for what they are — people just like you.

By employees who recognize this, your hotel will exceed their expectations so customers will not only have a good experience, but will recommend your hotel to others. The name has become a generic adjective to describe any lodging establishment with personalized service, luxurious appointments and extraordinary cuisine.

In Spain, each of the seventeen regional authorities has its own approach to grading lodging facilities.

Hotel classifications vs. customer expectations

Concepcion Lopez and Bedia, Ana M. If national tourism authorities and intergovernmental organizations are unable to forge a consensus on hotel classification, they should step aside and let the private sector do it.

It is something that all of us do on a regular basis.


Front desk personnel are the best ones to be in a position to acknowledge a returning but all employees should be trained in using similar communications. Use the Three Pronged Response to Customer Problems Many employees, especially hospitality workers, have tendencies toward conflict-avoidance personalities because of their people pleasing orientations.

In a seamless Europe where holidaymakers can travel from Finland to Portugal without ever stopping at a border and use a single currency along the way, the lack of coherence in hotel classification is an embarrassment to the tourism industry. Everything you need to know to make your business boom.

In those cases the resolution portion may be an apologetic explanation of the practical limitations in resolving the issue. Customer insight to how they see your hotels Insider information on what makes their business work Guided information to help you manage better than before Subscribe to Email Updates.

The three pronged response is the cornerstone to providing exceptional customer service when a guest encounters a problem. Italy has an obligatory five-level scheme administered by the Ministry of Tourism but permits local authorities to add supplementary requirements.

Not having a clean room is the most important concern resulting in an unsatisfactory guest experience. Formal customer loyalty programs reward guests for return visits by giving them discounts, frequent communications and perks.

Some say it takes a special personality — others say it can be learned. Many online travel agencies also use their own classification systems, although they rarely have a field staff of evaluators to physically inspect the properties.

When a customer shows their loyalty to you or a brand, they like that loyalty to be acknowledged.ISSN Volume 1, Issue 3 (May, ) INTERCONTINENTAL JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH REVIEW A Peer Reviewed International Journal IJMRR INTERCONTINENTAL JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH REVIEW Peer Reviewed Journal of Inter-Continental Management Research Consortium CUSTOMER EXPECTATION AND PERCEPTION IN HOTELS.

A preliminary study on customer expectations of hotel hospitality: Influences of personal and hotel factors or not there is a significant difference between “holiday purpose” and “business purpose” with regard to customer expectations of hotel D.

SolnetIntroducing employee social identification to customer satisfaction research. Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry: A Case Study from Sicily () defined customer satisfaction as the gap between customer expectations and perceptions regarding service quality.

Hotel classifications vs. customer expectations Spain's Cantabria University conducted a study to determine whether that country's hotel classification system was an accurate indicator of the quality of actual hotel experiences. The following are the Top Five Ways to Keep customers happy, coming back, and referring your hotel to more guests.

Customers are the most important component of your hotel. Customer Satisfaction is what keeps your hotel going and thriving day after day, week after week, year after year.

Setting the right customer expectations in hotels is a necessity if you want your hotel to stand out. Start by figuring out what your customers expect. Then, proceed to communicate what guests can expect at your hotel.

Customer satisfaction and expectation in hotel
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