Cousin kate and the seduction essay

It is important that the shoes are described as white as white is a symbol of purity and purity is a strong theme is both of the poems. When I take into account where this all takes place I am tempted to say that this is a tragic modern tale fed by ambitions and alcohol accessibility. This was very unusual for his time, as women then did not have any rights or allowed to speak out and were treated unfairly particularly by men.

He tells her about football because he knows a lot about it and so shares all his knowledge in the hope that he will look intelligent and so he will impress her. The males in the poems are represented as manipulators and are using the girls.

Linking back to the previous paragraph another difference between the two texts is the setting and difference in the periods of time, early nineteenth century and late twentieth century. If a marriage ended in the 19th Century the woman could rarely marry again because after the break-up she was viewed by other men as the cast-off of another man, and that she was not good enough for another man.

In both poems, the main characters are female and single. The author here is telling us that she was pure innocent and still a virgin but wanted to be older and not so pure hence why she is wearing the high heels.

She tries to make the reader see her point of view whilst she finds fault in her cousin, Kate.

Cousin Kate and The Seduction - Assignment Example

What is very surprising is that both texts are both related to the same topic and both of a very similar view.

Both girls feel manipulated and used as the men are in control. I think the poet decided to write it in two halves to make it look like a journal or a diary, therefore making the story a lot more personal. Than to have the neighbors whisper that you always looked the type.

Eileen McAuley could also be described as a narrator as she tells us what happened from a third-person perspective. The use of language is also very important in both poems. Poetry Essay It can affect you in so many ways, especially if a child is involved. In a poem, the author has to use powerful words to express the meaning of the sentence where as in a story a whole paragraph can be used.

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by Eileen McAuley Essay

The word confetti is used as it is immediately linked to marriage, and again purity. One difference between the two poems is the males, the boy and the lord, the lord does not really have to try to impress the maid or Kate.

She also uses conversational speech and un-poetic language. However she got a son out of the romance and her son is the reason why the lord may one-day come back to her. He can just use his power and money. In both poems a teenage girl is seduced by a man, resulting in them both getting pregnant.

The use of the word howl gives us an understanding of how upset the maid is and how bad she feels. In the first half the girl is telling the reader her story, but in the second half she is addressing her cousin Kate and releasing her true feelings.

The descriptions of the settings enhance the theme of corrupted innocence. The confetti is linked to weddings. If a woman wanted to she could stop the placement of the fathers name on he birth certificate of the child for any reason, with or without the fathers consent.

That shows the kind of society she was living in, where if a young girl did get pregnant her life would be dedicated to the baby and she could never get a job and would be viewed as foolish and unclean. This could be an example of the girl realizing her guilt and beginning to face up to the mistakes she has made.

Women have also gained the respect of men. Another technique used in both poems is repetition, which is mainly used for emphasis. The word belly is used because it is a childish word and so reminds us that the girl in the poem is still a child.

The maid is saying she feels lonely, dirty and unhappy. Adjectives such as quiet, silver and blind build up a picture of the setting. She believes it could simply be washed away. In both poems the poets begin by setting the scene and telling you what has happened previously a short time beforehand and both express vividly the emotions of the main characters.Cousin Kate is about a young maiden who is taken advantage of by a lord ho then leaves her for her cousin Kate.

Both are left with an experience and a child. The poems were written in very different periods and reflect love and. Free Essay: Comparison of The Seduction by Eileen McAuley and Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti I will be analyzing the two poems, "Cousin Kate,". The two poems are set nearly a century and half apart.

Despite this, the poems have very similar occurrences. The poems are both about the differences of commitment between boys and girl in relationships, and the abuse they receive from neighbours and local people. The reader must note that the.

I am going to compare the two poems, ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘The Seduction’. In both poems, the main characters are female and single. In ‘Cousin Kate’ the poet narrates is first person thus adopting the perspective of the young cottage maiden featured but in ‘The.

Cousin Kate by Rossetti and The Seduction by McAuley 'Cousin Kate' is a pre-twentieth century poem, which was written by Christina Rossetti. It is about a young woman who works as a cottage. Comparing Cousin Kate and the Seduction Essay Comparing Cousin Kate and The Seduction Cousin Kate is a pre twentieth century poem, written in ballet style (set in verse0 in a very rural countryside.

Cousin kate and the seduction essay
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