Assess the view that factors within

Overall I believe that the both in school factors and out of school factors contribute to the differences in educational achievement of different social groups. Differentiation refers to the way teachers categorise students regarding their abilities, their appearance, mannerisms and general behaviour; setting and streaming are other forms of differentiation.

This can have a reverse affect and in some cases students with high abilities underachieve with the disruptive students in the class. Middle class children are usually socialized in both restrictive and elaborate code therefore have an advantage when it comes to education as the education system is mostly controlled by the middle-class people therefore are able to understand the format of the questions in the exams as well as understand what the teachers are teaching.

The idea of the hidden curriculum means that schools are preparing students for middle class jobs with middle class ideas. Home backgrounds of students also contribute to a large part of their achievement. In particular, teacher-pupil relationship. More Essay Examples on Education Rubric Another factor that may influence the achievement of girls is that girls now have a lot of higher role models and more opportunities in the future; this can lead to them working harder because they can see themselves being successful in the future.

In contrast Ball found those children placed in the lower bands or streams were taught with lower expectations such as with a focus on vocational qualifications.

In perceiving their treatment to be unfair, the pupils responded in accordance to their labels.

The label placed on an individual can have an effect on their performance as it leads to self-fulfilling prophecy SFP whereby they act upon the label. For example, some individuals from any social class could be born with disorders that affect their educational achievement.

However, some people would argue against this as they believe that achievement of an individual is based on material deprivation. Streaming splitting pupils into several different hierarchy groups which would stay together for all lessons and setting putting pupils of similar ability together for certain lessons also has an effect on achievement of an individuals.

Elaborate and restrictive code. It was found that teachers also perceived such pupils as happier, better adjusted and more interesting than the rest. Whereas working class pupils are disadvantaged as they only know the restrictive code therefore are less likely to understand what the teachers say and are afraid to ask for help from the teachers as they could be afraid to be criticized for what they say.

As middle class students are seen as the perfect type of student, polite, cooperative, and generally higher achievers, teachers appreciate and warm to this more than the typical working class student. Working class pupils require a lot more encouragement and time from teachers to understand basic points and knowledge that middle class pupils would typically understand easily.

The language used in schools also has an impact on the achievement of pupils. EducationSchool 3 pages, words Assess the view that factors within schools are the greatest influence on social- class differences in educational achievement.

Internationalists approach believes that the difference in educational achievement is based on the labelling theory. The organisation of the school can also be closely linked to class and how students may be put into lower streams or sets due to their social background and how teachers perceive them.

Another In-school factor would be ethnicity, different ethnic groups achieve better than others in education, for example the highest achieving ethnic group is British Chinese and the lowest would be black African Caribbean boys.

Whereas the restrictive code is shorthand speech usually spoke by individuals who have a lot in common and usually lacks detail.

Assess the view that factors and processes within the school Essay

A social group is a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity. Gillborn found that afro-Caribbean pupils were more likely to be given detention than any other pupils as the teachers misinterpreted the dress and manner of speech as representing a challenge to their authority.

Many sociologists such as Marxists believe the education system ignores wider problems, they assume all teachers label pupils and that it will have a negative effect upon a pupil. One more in-school factor would be pupil subcultures and how streaming Assess the view that factors within setting can lead to both anti and pro school subcultures, This again links to the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy and that students may either reject their labels or follow them.

The differences in class can lead to many home disadvantages such as material deprivation which means that students do not have enough money for resources such as private tutors, laptops, trips or uniforms; this will give them a disadvantage compared to middle class students.

For example, middle class parents are able to provide their children with the necessary resources needed for education such as private tuition, computers, revision books and toys that stimulate learning from an early age etc.

Working class students may also have other responsibilities to attend to such as looking after siblings or even disabled parents; this means that they do not have as much time to spend on studying.

The middle class do suffer as well, just because they are seen to come from a good background and supportive parents, that does not necessarily mean they are going to do well in every subject, they can be forgotten about and glide though school years with the assumption they will get the grades they need by the end of the year.

The reasons for these differences in achievement could be linked to family morals and attitudes to school. The elaborate code is a way of talking which is explicit and does not assume that the listener shares the same assumptions and understandings as the speaker.Outline some of the factors within the education system that may have contributed to improvement in girls achievement (12) Need to do.

Using item A and elsewhere assess the view that the main function of the education system is to reproduce and legitimise social inequalities (20).

Assess the View That Factors Within Schools Are the Greatest Influence on Social- Class Differences in Educational Achievement Assessing Importance of School Factors Such as Racism Using material from item A and elsewhere, Assess the view that working-class children.

Assess the View That Factors and Processes Within the School Are the Main Cause of Differences in Educational Achievement of Different Social Groups.

A social group is a collection of people who interact with each other and. Assess the Degree to Which Inequalities Within One Named Region or City Result from Economic Factors: (30 Marks) Assess the degree to which inequalities within one named region or city result from economic factors: (30 marks) Regional inequalities will appear on a multiple of levels from city wide to almost continent wide, for example the Asian tiger.

Assess the view that factors within schools are the greatest influence on social- class differences in educational achievement. Assess the View That Factors and Processes Within the School Are the Main Cause of Differences in the Educational Achievement of Different Social Groups.

Assess the view that factors and processes within the school are the main cause of differences in the educational achievement of different social groups.

Assess the view that factors within
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