Article review building fluency through the repeated reading method essay

Thus, her students, although ahead of where they started, were even further behind their classmates. Herman found not only effects on speech pauses and rate for read material, but also that repeated readings treatment transferred to previously unread material.

As asserted earlier, factors such as the relevance of the materials to the reading level of the learners need to be taken into consideration when selecting the reading materials.

As asserted by Therrien and Kubina in their article, the first component is determining whether students have the skills that are necessary for the use of this strategy. The underlying method is still used in practice.

Differences between the experimental treatment and the control in overall reading level as measured by an informal reading inventory were not statistically significant. In this case, it helps the non-fluent readers to decode words accurately within a short period of time in order to gain fluency.

The stronger student can help with word recognition and give feedback and encouragement to the less fluent partner. In this study, the authors invited fifth graders to read aloud to kindergartners from books that were appropriate for the younger participants. With children reading below the primer level, the approach brought only half to the second-grade level.

Article Review Building Fluency Through the Repeated Reading Method Essay Sample

Teachers dropped children who were reading at an emergent stage from the program, since it did not seem to benefit them at all. By modifying the repeated readings approach so that two readers can work together, students are able to receive the type of immediate feedback that is not available when working on unassisted readings or with prerecorded models.

As such, Hollingsworth redesigned the procedure so that it could be used with up to eight students simultaneously. This suggests that assisted reading approaches do produce significant gains in reading achievement.

In this format, the teacher begins by reading the story from a text aloud and discussing its content.

Developing Fluent Readers

She reported improvement over time in fluency and the amount of time spent engaged in reading, but did not have a control group. Therefore, aspects such as incorporating listening to a passage preview prior to actual reading and explicit instruction in word reading should be considered when using this strategy in learners with reading disabilities.

The cognitive development of reading and reading comprehension. Notice that with cloze reading, as opposed to choral reading, students spend less time practicing oral reading.

Making the most of small groups: This may have been greater gain than they had made in previous years, but still is not accelerated progress Clay, Likewise, we know that repeated reading of a single passage is highly effective, but it is not clear whether or not a set of passages on a single topic that has been carefully written with a large number of repeated words could be equally or even more effective.

The Reading Teacher, 40, 70— Comprehension As noted in Appendix A, the basic results for comprehension mirror those for fluency.

Creating Fluent Readers

Of these 15, 6 studies found that the repeated readings treatment produced significantly greater results than the control, 8 studies failed to find such an effect, and 1 study found that the repeated readings improved fluency for familiar passages, but not for a transfer passage.

Therefore, they recommend that the use of repeated reading intervention should incorporate explicit and direct instruction in word as well as text-level skills in order to enhance the reading skills among learners with reading disabilities Wexler et al.

Fluency and comprehension gains as a result of repeated reading: The child signals the tutor, by touching the tutor or raising a hand or some other prearranged signal, when wanting to read solo.

In addition, all students demonstrated growth on the posttest measures administered as part of the study, but, as noted above, averaged only 6 months gain in fluency and 7. We found 15 studies involving assisted reading.

Fluency instruction seems to work best with children between a late preprimer level and late second-grade level. In paired reading, a more capable reader, usually an adult, works one-on-one with a struggling reader.

This reading strategy motivates the improvement of prosody by promoting the accurate teaching of methods used by fluent readers alongside stimulating phrase boundaries Ruskey, We know that time spent reading is an important variable in learning to read, but time spent reading what?Fluency instruction leads to impressive gains when it provides regular opportunities for expressive reading through assisted and repeated readings coupled with coaching; it doesn't require explicit reference to reading for speed.

Reading fluency passage lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed Review how to decode words and practice repeated readings for fluency. Kids review the cover-up method as a way to decode unknown words and then practice reading sentences for fluency and short passages with partners.

Students increase fluency through. Effects of Repeated Reading and Listening-While-Reading on Reading Fluency. Fluency: Bridge Between Decoding and Reading Comprehension. A Synthesis of Research on Effective Interventions for Building Reading Fluency with Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities.

Guiding Students Through Expository Text with Text Feature Walks. Get. Key Words: repeated reading, fluency, speed, accuracy, comprehension, oral repeated reading, paired repeated reading, reader’s theatre Summary: This article is a helpful introduction and a kind of a manual to a method called Repeated Reading (RR) used in a classroom to improve speed, accuracy and comprehension of learners while reading texts.

Improving Reading Fluency and Comprehension Among Elementary Students: Evaluation of a School Remedial Reading Program Improving Reading Fluency and Comprehension Among Elementary Students: vocabulary instruction, text comprehension strategies, and reading fluency.

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Article review building fluency through the repeated reading method essay
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