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The family of languages spoken by people who inhabit the region of Central Africa south of the Sahara desert is D. Islam in Africa D. Egypt was ruled by a pharaoh otherwise known as a form of king. Before Islam developed in Africa, B. Women in this civilization were not allowed to attend school making it so they could not read or write unless you were wealthy.

At one point in time, before it began to dry out, it was an area that was green and flourishing with life. The desert also caused isolation for this civilization.

Their righting system was called hieroglyphics. They also invented the wheel, the sail and the plow. The slaves of the society built giant temples or tombs for the rulers to be placed into along with many belongs and other earthly things to be passed on to the afterlife with them.

As a language, it employed Bantu grammar and Arabic linguistic terms The original reason for the rise of the kingdom of Ghana was C. The religion aspect of this civilization was polytheistic or believed in many gods.

It was similar in many respects to the clan in China Social practices typical to many African societies included D. They were peaceful people from what historians can tell because not very many weapons were found. Which of the following statements accurately depicts the nature of the African lineage group?

The whole nation of Lower and Upper Egypt was united as whole nation though. They were farmers with very limited government control. This area was larger than Mesopotamia.

APWH Chapter 8- Early Civilizations in Africa

Saharan aqueducts at Aswan Bronze heads sculptures and relief plaques depicting West African court life were created in A. They made great advances in medicine and used a number system with a base of 10 and had decimals.

The different rules often kept the ruling in the family for many generations this also known as a dynasty. Even though the cities all shared common culture they all functioned independently. Ghana was the first great commercial state there.

Oracle bones used to consult their ancestors. Luba All of the following was true about the souther African state of Zimbabwe except B. African societies were much more involved in worldwide developments of human history than had previously been believed.

The capital of this empire was Babylon built on the Euphrates River. The type of beliefs they had been polytheistic because they believed all rulers were gods.

There were 3 branches to the social class priests and royalty were on top followed by wealthy merchants and ordinary workers. These structures are what we know today as pyramids.

These laws were strictly followed though even if they were very harsh. In regard to state building in West Africa, it can be said that A. This caused China to develop in isolation leading them to think they were the venter of the world.

The solutions to some of these problems were; they built irrigation ditches, put up walls and traded with people around them for resources that they lacked.• To improve skills in test-taking and essay writing You will complete a SPICE chart for each of the four River Valley civilizations. To complete the Access the AP World History summer assignment on GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Go to: mint-body.com Go to the top right corner.

during the first week of class to take an essay test. This will be Indus Rive Valley Civilizations Article Answer 2 of 4 questions under What Do You Think. Provide Indus River Valley Article Place key terms and key dates into summer notebook.

Study key. The four early river valley civilizations were the Sumerian/Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Harappan and Ancient China. All of these civilizations were located on fertile river beds to make planting crops much easier.

They all made technological advances in their time span and set the ground for future generations. The Sumerian civilization also known as Mesopotamia/The Fertile Crescent [ ].

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Early River Valley Civilizations

intellectual, and artistic accomplishments of the Indus River Valley civilization by comparing what various AP World History textbooks have to say on the subject. We’ll. APWH Chapters ; 2. EARLY RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS; World Civilizations; Early Civilizations Matrix Essay; APWH Chapter 6 - The New World; Search.

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AP World History Summer Assignment Compare and contrast the four river valley civilizations.


What do they have in common? Your essay must be original, typed on a Google document to allow me to see your work progress (it cannot have just appeared on the document in one move), must cite evidence from.

Apwh summer essay river valley civilization
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