An introduction to the life of william lyon mackenzie

W.L. Mackenzie King

He died 2 years after his retirement at Kingsmere, his country home near Ottawa, on July 22, He gained many supporters, particularly among the new Irish immigrants and those of American descent. Some historians have interpreted passages in his diaries as suggesting that King regularly had sexual relations with prostitutes.

Increasingly the Constitution had references to possible armed resistance to oppression, although it also stressed the need to carry out reform constitutionally. He was among the first Canadian politicians to show an active interest in the workers in industry. Mackenzie felt that given an armed demonstration, the Tories would be overwhelmed and there would be no need to actually use violence.

Men with no love for Mackenzie were in control: The British government elected in was also suggesting the transfer of certain revenues to the control of the colonial legislature in return for an established civil list.

William Lyon Mackenzie and the Canadian revolution, Toronto: On Thursday, December 7, the day initially set for the rebellion, troops quickly recruited from loyal areas of the province and led by Col. His main published work remains his book Industry and Humanity.

Though Mackenzie was consistent in his fear of monopolies, and in his demand for free government and an end to favouritism and prodigality, the events of his later years, which historians have badly neglected, show that he could not evolve beyond a certain set of ideas and that he never found an acceptable form of government in Upper Canada, the United States, or the union of the Canadas.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

In this and subsequent interviews, Mackenzie felt he received a fair hearing. Further Reading Two excellent volumes of the official biography of King have been published: The arrival of Rolph at Lewiston had also caused a great commotion.

King lost his seat when the government was defeated in The paper no longer even covered Canadian politics at all. When news of this action reached Goderich he dismissed Boulton and Hagerman, the attorney general and solicitor general. Guillet, The Lives and Times of the Patriots Industrial consultant[ edit ] After his defeat, King went on the lecture circuit on behalf of the Liberal Party.

He abandoned ideas for a new Upper Canadian constitution, and increasingly through and discussed annexation to the United States if the people became thoroughly disillusioned with responsible government. In the pages of the Constitution, Mackenzie began advocating constitutional change for Upper Canada.

The new department took some time to develop, but over time it significantly increased the reach and projection of Canadian diplomacy. That much could be done in Toronto, with the same financial problems and many of the same council members, was to be shown by succeeding mayors, both Reform and Tory.

In November one of his children was near death, and his wife became sick. He also supported legislation with widespread support such as the abolition of the clergy reserves, the election of legislative councillors, privately financed railways, and reciprocity. He was not the leader in the s that he had been in the s: Their effective and passionate leader, Thomas Crerarresigned to return to his grain business, and was replaced by the more placid Robert Forke.Mackenzie King, as he is usually called, was the son of John King and Isabel Grace Mackenzie, daughter of William Lyon Mackenzie, a leader of the Rebellion of aimed at establishing independent self-government in Upper Canada.

Mackenzie King served as prime minister of Canada for 21 years of his life. [ 2 ] He was inspired by two people in his life, his mother, Isabel Mackenzie, and his grandfather, William Lyon. Throughout his 21 years as Prime Minister, he had to face many hard decisions for the country and his people.

The life and times of William Lyon Mackenzie; with an account of the Canadian Rebellion ofand the subsequent frontier disturbances, chiefly from unpublished documentsPages: Early life and immigration Background, early years in Scotland, and education, – William Lyon Mackenzie was born on March 12,in Scotland in the Dundee suburb Springfield.

His mother Elizabeth (née Chambers) of Kirkmichael was a widow seventeen years older than his father, weaver Daniel Mackenzie; the couple married on May 8, Daniel died three weeks after William's birth Other political affiliations: Clear Grits. William Lyon Mackenzie () was a Scottish-born Canadian journalist, politician, and rebel.

He became the leader of the radical Reformers, and the refusal of the authorities to institute certain reforms finally led him to open rebellion. William Lyon Mackenzie was born on March 12,at.

A decade later the original Mackenzie biography by Charles Lindsey, Life and times of Mackenzie, was revised by G.

'Unbuttoned: A History of Mackenzie King's Secret Life'

G. S. Lindsey, Mackenzie’s grandson, and published as William Lyon Mackenzie .

An introduction to the life of william lyon mackenzie
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