An analysis of the movie thelma and louise

Every time Thelma calls "honey" and Darryl barks "what?

Thelma and Louise: An Analysis of the Movie

The men have already won so why fight back. The movie Thelma and Louise projects the role of women performing stunts of shooting bullets. A common complaint of male viewers of the film is that all the male characters are stereotypical, but I think this serves the story because by showing how the men relate to Thelma and Louise highlights some of the gender stereotypical ways men and women still treat each other.

The ending, however, again reinforces stereotypes. Another very important character of the story is Timothy Carhart who meets Thelma in the night club and tries to rape her Scott. The women panic and flee. The theme of the movie reflects the journey that is undertaken by the two women as a result of their misery New York Times.

The two women lead a journey towards Mexico because they were not happy with the fact that men played with him all their lives Scott.

Thelma is so afraid of him that she would rather leave without notice than ask her husband if she could go. Men The subject of "Women vs. He steals all their money, causing Thelma to later rob a market. The character of Thelma has been played by Geena Davis projecting a life of a housewife whose husband liked to control her through putting a lot of pressure.

Nobody is talking to Tarantino or Sorcese about that! This affects the story because Thelma is so used to having her decisions made for her, that when she finally gets the chance to make them on her own, she acts rather juvenile and does not fully think of the consequences of her actions.

Harlan tries to rape Thelma in the parking lot. She is afraid to even touch it.

Dissecting the feminist legacy of Thelma & Louise

Another area of interest are the relationships of Thelma and Louise to the men in the film. When Callie Khouri, a something Texas native and jobbing production assistant, sat down to write her screenplay for the film, she had no idea she would end up spawning a pop-cultural phenomenon.

Of course it would be much more thrilling to see the car crash into a million pieces and explode into a blockbuster fire, but the ending was trying to show you much more than that. The movie, Thelma and Louise has managed to enhance the significance of the role of women.

The women wear very less jewelry in the course of the movie and are shown in jeans most of the time Scott. When Thelma asks Louise to stop at the fateful roadhouse, she takes on a whining, pleading tone and Louise concedes like a parent by saying "O.

The women could not run from police for long and finally come across with the incident of police chasing them. He comes to Oklahoma City and asks Louise to marry her, but she refuses because of the circumstances.Essay about Thelma and Louise Character Analysis Words | 4 Pages.

The film begins with Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon), living repressed lives in Arkansas. Both women have stereotypical roles in this movie. Thelma & Louise is a American road film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri. It stars Geena Davis as Thelma and Susan Sarandon as Louise, two friends who embark on a road trip with unforeseen consequences.

Thelma & Louise at the TCM Movie Database; Thelma & Louise at Rotten Tomatoes. The movie, Thelma and Louise talks about female empowerment and issues of women’s lives.

This paper aims to provide an overall analysis of the movie. Elements of the movie that shall be discussed in the paper are symbolism, theme, characters, plot, critical reception and costume.

Film Analysis of Thelma and Louise Background Thelma and Louise is a movie directed by Ridely Scott, written by Callie Khouri, and starring Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis. Louise is a restaurant waitress with a inattentive boyfriend and Thelma is a house wife with an impatient and angry husband.

Thelma & Louise is powerful in part because it's about more than friendship. Movies that examine the bonds between women are few and far between, but they exist, from Beaches to Terms of Endearment, The Color Purple, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, and A League of Their Own.

In Thelma & Louise, the two most prominent themes are "Freedom" and "Women vs. Men." Watch the movie and note how these two central ideas govern several scenes and sequences in it. Freedom. Thelma and Louise's journey begins as an attempt for the gals to be free.

An analysis of the movie thelma and louise
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