Advantages of western fast food

Fast food is very unhealthy, most of the times. With the high sodium in fast food and the option to large servings contribute much to obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is a medical condition that is currently becoming a bigger issue in China due to the expansion of easy accessibility to fast-food restaurants.

People can also now be connected to any part of the world due to instant internet connections, making communication faster and easier with webcams and instant chat as oppose to paper Advantages of western fast food.

Not only is obesity bad for your physical appearance it can lead to a slew of health problems including heart disease and reduced life expectancy. Nutrition information is available. Many students who are struggling to go to college or pay for student loans are given chances to earn money by working several hours a day.

Perhaps the true price of a hamburger should be based upon the impact to the environment and measured in carbon footprints. There is one large issue, however, that relates to an aspect of globalization that also is the cause of many negative effects on a society.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food Every Foodie Must Know

Advantage of fast food? This is because the ingredients include sodium, preservatives and trans fats, not to mention the oil being used to cook and fry them. Fast food is low in nutritional value and high in salt, sugar, preservatives and fat.

Then, there is the added effort and time consumed in washing and peeling the vegetables. Fast food deliveries and drive-thrus are a vital part of our society. The China National Nutrition and Health Survey compared data between and to show that the intake of fruits and vegetables in China has decreased drastically from Unhealthy Food Choice Even though many fast food joints are now offering healthier food choices, most of the fast food is still quite unhealthy.

Maybe you should stick to a healthier diet. Hence most of the restaurants are involved in making fast food in bulk which naturally Advantages of western fast food the quality of the food.

People can enjoy their food while working, driving or watching a movie in the comfort of their homes because well, cooking is just too old school. Adverse Effects of Additives and Preservatives Most fast food contains food additives and preservatives.

Fast food has become a part of American families for years now with the fast food chains scattered over America and with the increase in number of more restaurants sprouting like mushrooms.

Microwaves are a godsend to those who only have 10 minutes to spare to sit down and eat. The cooking process of most fast food items specially the really mouthwatering ones involve a lot of grease use.

Go for bread products that are made from wheat bread. Most fast food is economical compared to fine dining. The social status type of advertising promotes fast-food restaurants as a lifestyle for the middle-class society, for modern people and workers who can enjoy the luxury of relaxing in a clean fast-food environment.

Family meal time is something that is considered as an opportunity for all the members to come together and share their experiences. Eating such junk food leads to obesity and therefore the obesity problem in America.

Not only that, the fast food industry adds to the global warming effect. These choices were those amongst traditional Chinese restaurants, street side wonton, pulled noodle and tea egg merchants, and small fast food vendors in five-star hotels.

However, it is clear that this epidemic is having the opposite effect on China. The first KFC opened in Beijing in to a meter long line of customers. High in Cholesterol Given the sedentary lifestyle that we lead today, the excess fats and calories that we consume is not burnt.

Opt for lean meat. Increased media coverage is also drawing attention to human rights and violation issues all over the world, which ultimately leads to a larger scale of improvement of these concerns. High fat ingredients are plentiful? The booming trend of western fast-food in China is related to the economy.

Is there anything better than plain water to quench your thirst? Sharing or pirated movies,musics and other intellectual properties becomes instants also.

Phone chat is different because it can run out of battery the cable may break and it may even have a big interference!

However, with the globalization of fast-food in China, and franchises containing cheese-burgers, pizza, chicken burgers with cheese, and poutine, the cheese market is now growing and stocked in Chinese grocery stores. Fast food items are not really limited to hotdogs, burgers, fries and tacos.

Youngsters have always enjoyed the unhealthy but fascinatingly tasty fast food. Business Fast Food Globalization Globalization is a worldwide scale of growth, an ongoing process where economies, cultures and societies are being increasingly integrated.

Whereas, when you visit a sit-down restaurant or cook a meal at home, you have more time to conversate with friends or family.Fast-food industries such as McDonalds use the globalization of western lifestyles through the media to their advantage.

For example, the Chinese basketball icon, Yao Ming, is used on many advertisements for McDonalds’, showing the image of a westernized Chinese man. Free Essays on Advantage Western Fast Food In Malaysia for students.

Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Watch video · India's population stands at billion, but it has only a little over 2, chain fast food outlets, leaving most people unreached, according to Euromonitor International. Fast food has yet to broadly expand beyond the largest cities.

The disadvantages are. Fast food is very unhealthy, most of the times. It makes you sick. Your body is used to healthy food, and if you eat more and more fast food, your body takes the food as posison, and you become sick.

It causes diseases if you eat too much of fast food.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

The nutrients of the fast food aren't good/or too much of them in one meal. The disadvantages of fast food are now beginning to outweigh the convenience. Fast food is now a fast way to increase your risk for heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, obesity, gallbladder stones, infertility, depression and yes, even cancer.

Not only that, the fast food industry adds to the global warming effect. Fast food is a fast turning food item that needs quick preparation time. Hence most of the restaurants are involved in making fast food in bulk which naturally lowers the quality of the food.

There have been more than one case of fast food restaurants being busted for being unhygienic.

Advantages of western fast food
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