A midterm review of a class program

This allows for review and also helps to teach the value of keeping good notes. Scavenger Hunt Give students a list of review topics and send them to their notebooks to seek the answers. Topic or Question of the Day Post one review question or problem every day for the last few weeks of school.

Students As Graders Copy anonymous student essays or sampler essays and rubrics and put students to work. Review with Foldables The graphic organizer meets origami.

Foldables are a hands-on way for students to organize information and there are endless ways to manipulate paper. In any case, you need two groups and each group is assigned either X or O.

Assign one topic to a single student, pair or group. Students As Teachers Allow students to do the instructing. Encourage students to keep track of the questions and answers in their notebooks. You may choose to use a review activity for fun or give students credit for correct answers and participation.

One variation of this activity is to assign a certain number of questions on a given topic to be added to a collaborative project.

Midterm and Final Exam Examples

An alternative would be to allow students to partner up or work in teams. Use a Google doc template to go paperless and provide an opportunity for collaboration. Provide review questions and allow students a certain amount of time at each station. Draw the a tic-tac-toe board on paper or the board.

Tic-Tac-Toe Review Game This activity can be used with the whole class, but probably works better with small groups. Pictionary Review Game Just like students love the game show concept, they never seem to turn down a chance to write on the board.

In fact, there are several templates in Google docs for Jeopardy!. Another idea is for students to submit their answers in a secret ballot style.

Check out these organizer ideas. They are great with any subject. Get creative and ask students to devise pictures or symbols to help them remember the given term or topic. In a basic sense, foldables require students to put a general topic on the outside and more detailed information on the inside.

Review Stations Break review into sections such as time periods, chapters or units.

For some great foldable ideas click here. Set the standards for the presentation such as the requirement of a visual or a certain time limit for presenting. Game Show Review Students love competition. Any of the above ideas can be manipulated to work with different class sizes, content areas and grade levels.

As the audience, students can take notes on the lesson so they receive information on all of the assigned topics. Students earn the ability to place their X or O marker on the game board if they answer a teacher-read question correctly.

Stations could include helpful materials such as notes, books, articles, etc. Throughout the year, ask students to take notes on note cards so that the flashcards are ready to use. Reveal the correct answer at the next class meeting. Students work as teams to draw hints on the board without the use of spoken or written words.

Top 12 Ways to Rev Up Classroom Review Strategies

Write a topic, concept or vocabulary word on an index card. Technology in the Classroom:a) private class car b) public class car c) public class Car d) public class CAR e) private class Car Answer: c. that is. to create an instance of a.

These instances are known as objects. Explanation: The width is a constant class names should start with a capital letter and be lower case except for the beginning of each new word. Review for Midterm I. Midterm I • Try to show up 5 min early so we can start on time.

your program. Knowing the syntax reinforces other concepts. In theory you should be able to use a class if I give you an explanation of the member functions. the Minitab program uses this formula? (d) What does the term “resistant” mean?

Which statistics are considered resistant? In an economics class, the correlation between students’ total scores prior to the final exam and their score AP Statistics Midterm Review. Top 12 Ways to Rev Up Classroom Review Strategies. By: Reveal the correct answer at the next class meeting. Review Organizers.

Create interesting graphic organizers to help students organize important information with more aesthetic appeal Sometimes all it takes is a simple stray-from-the-norm approach to help engage students. - Product.

& Opns. Mgt. - Fall Class 10 - Review (Midterm I) 2. A small company manufactures three models of picture frames. Production of each model requires labor, metal and glass.

The table below provides information about the labor hours and the amounts of the materials required to produce a unit of each type of frame.

How to use the College Integrated Planning System (CIPS) for Midterm Program Review: Guide to Section 1 College Planning and Research. Getting Started If you anticipate that a class will be deleted from the catalog, and therefore does not need an anticipated.

A midterm review of a class program
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