A brief review of the story of the contender

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The Contender

Succumbing to his frustration and to his loneliness in having been separated from James, Alfred goes to a party thrown by Major, partially because of a promise that James would be there.

Donatelli that he wants to be special—he wants to be a champion. Petersenwho is something of a national hero, and decides to appoint a woman to the vice presidency. However, many blacks were struggling even in the s, and whites owned most of the businesses.

The Contender has won the author awards as well as prestige for his skills in the genre of young adult literature. The Contender might have been more provocative had it simply ended with the previous scene, in which Hanson accepts her failure. This makes things extremely difficult for her.

The journey, the climb, is more important to Donatelli than the highest goal. In November, Alfred knocks out his second opponent but is terribly upset because he thinks he has nearly killed the other fighter.

It is an era of boxers becoming heroes. But The Contender is not just about boxing. Donatelli take Alfred to a boxing match at Madison Square Garden. The Lenox Avenue subway line connected Harlem with lower Manhattan at about the same time, and blacks began moving in.

When Alfred tries to defend the Epsteins, he only causes more problems.

The Contender Summary

Alfred makes rookie mistakes but wins. Summaries 4 Summaries A political thriller about Laine Hanson, a Senator who is nominated to become Vice President following the death of the previous office holder.

Martin Luther King, Jr. But boxing is big time. During the confirmation process, Laine is the victim of a vicious attack on her personal life in which stories of sexual deviancy are spread. No one in the film other than the President ever learns this.

Breaking the gender barrier at the top levels of government is obviously desirable, but the president seems to be choosing Hanson because she is the best woman for the job, not because she is the best person for the job.

While there, he asks Mr. Paul Robeson was known worldwide for his singing and acting as well as his controversial politics. With the encouragement of his college-educated cousin, Jeff, and a schoolteacher called "Spoon," who used to be a fighter, Alfred will finish high school and work with young people in public recreation.

And I can say with certainty that many of you have yet to hear the story of the L What must be, must be. After James quits school, be starts hanging out with a gang led by which of the following characters?

Donatelli if he could have been a contender. Marcus Garvey, who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association inled one of the first popular black nationalist movements.


It is the Harlem that Alfred first wants to escape and then wants to change. He barely survives the first two rounds and is dominated by Hubbard.

African American slaves worked the land for Dutch and, later, English farmers for nearly years. Alfred sees James at the clubroom and discovers that he has become addicted to heroin. Lipsyte was in Las Vegas to cover a heavyweight championship fight between Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson, scheduled for November 22, Donatelli, who owns a gym where he trains some famous boxers.

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Alfred finds him at a secret cave where the two hung out as boys.The Contender is a coming-of-age novel whose protagonist, a black seventeen-year-old high school dropout named Alfred Brooks, lives with his Aunt Pearl and her three daughters in Harlem, a predominantly African American neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City, in the mids.

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To get the most out of reading The Contender, the student should have some understanding of the historical and cultural context in which the story takes place. History and culture are one in the Harlem of the s, and some knowledge of that setting helps in appreciating Alfred and his world.

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Barnum, the visionary entrepreneur behind the world-famous Barnum & Bailey Circus. Oct 13,  · He has some unexpected tricks up his sleeve that hurl the story forward just when it seems to be running out of steam. ''The Contender'' makes no bones about where its political sympathies lie.

A brief review of the story of the contender
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